How Much Do Powder Brows Costs?

How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?

The average powder brows cost is somewhere around $600. At Vanity Image Studio the price is $500. 
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Just like it’s the case with any other semi-permanent and permanent makeup procedure, the cost of powder brows can vary a lot, and it depends on many factors. The experience of the artist who is performing the procedure, the quality of the work done, the quality of the materials used, and location all play a major role in forming the powder brows price.

What’s Included in the Price?

Just like the microblading procedure, powder brows treatment requires at least two visits. The first one is the treatment itself, while the second one is the mandatory touch-up appointment.
It’s important to note that the consultation is $29 but is subtracted from your balance if you book you service. 

Detailed aftercare instructions are always included in the price, and in Vanity Image Studio includes an aftercare kit. 

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