Which Type of Semi-Permanent Brow Enhancement is Best For Me?

Microblading is not created equal though social media and blog post may have you think that. There are many styles and techniques . While the concepts are essentially the same the results of each technique have different effects. It's ideal to now which style suits your needs or preference before booking your appointment. If after reading through the styles you still feel like you don't know which style is best for you, no worries, each appointment includes consultation time. This consultation time is so that you and your brow technician can go offer which is enhancement is best according to your brows, personal style , skin type etc. You can also schedule a separate consultation where you and a brow technician gain go over your vision In person or video call. You can also take our FREE Brow Quiz and upload a photo of your brows and we can recommend a style beforehand.


Thin, fine wispy strokes that mimic your own hairs natural growth pattern. This gives the illusion of fuller, denser and defined brows. Looks very natural. Can be made to be almost imperceptible by following you existing brow shape or sculpted to be the ideal shape for your face and bone structure, includes custom blend eyebrow color complimentary follow-up appointment and after care kit. $499


Signature Brows (Microblading and Shading)

This is a fusion of microblading with thin hair like strokes along with microshading with a custom blended solution that creates a denser appearance and looks closer to how brows appear when filled in with brow pencil or powder. Microblading creates the illusion of lines but can not simulate shadow of the hair nor the follicle, shading allows us to create that solution. It is hyperrealistic and creates the illusion of graduated density in the brows. This is best for those with very little natural brow hair, those who have large amount of hair in one area of the brow like the bulb or the arch or those with previous permanent makeup. ncludes custom blend eyebrow color complimentary follow-up appointment and after care kit. $749


Feather Brows with Micropoint Shading

The ultimate mesh of microblading and shading this brow is precision at it's finest. This brow style incorporates a highly detailed feather look with ultra slim strokes and tiny dot by dot shading in-between each stroke to create the most imperceptible brow, this is a common selection amongst celebrity clientele and discerning clients seeking the most invisible yet long lasting results. This includes custom blend eyebrow color, complimentary follow-up appointment and Deluxe after care kit. $989

*This service can only be provided by a Master Brow Artist


Permanent Eyebrow Powder- (Powder Brows)

Soft powdery layer of color that increases the depth and boosts the color of your existing brow hair. This style is best for clients with sensitive skin and who love the powdered or pencil look but want something softer and more natural looking.If you have existing brow hair from beginning to end this also a create way to have a more defined and denser look for up to 3 years. $499


Ombre Brows

The super sleek makeup look, these are bold and sculpting brows and look like a well defined, fresh waxed and fill-in eyebrow. It begins with 3 brow hair stokes and then is filled in in an ombre effect from lighter in the front to darker and then darkest at the tail. $499

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