Small Business Resources For COVID-19

In these current time entrepreneurs and small business owners are tirelessly trying to ensure the viability of them business and an undeniable part of that is cash flow and discounts on much needed services to help pivot. 

To assist others as much as possible, we have compiled a PDF printable booklet that you can use to apply for grants in your area or benefit from services that are being offered free or at a reduced cost at this time. You are welcome to share this guide with other small business owners or entrepreneurs. We will work diligently to keep this updated. 

Click here for your.    Free Guide To Resources and Grants  

Do You Need Microblading or Microshading or Both?

The world is just getting the hang of mirocblading. If you haven’t already had it done, chances are you know someone who has. Just as we are becoming accustomed to the newness of microblading, a new treatment is making waves: microshading. 

According to New Beauty, it’s geared toward those with oily or sensitive skin or brows that are already full and just need a bit of shaping. It’s called “shading” rather than “blading” because the process is more so like creating a shadow or gradient appearance with  micro-dots of pigment instead of fine hair like lines you would get with microblading—almost like you used a touch of brow powder (the look has also been referred to as ‘powder brows”. But don’t worry. The color softly fades into a powdery natural looking brow. 

Microblading is a fantastic solution for realistic brows, however adding on microshading creates the depth that is not as easily achieved with microblading alone. 

Most of our client’s at Vanity Image Studio opt for a combination of both microblading and microshading. This is Crystal’s (Master Brow Artist ) signature style of brow enhancement. This is her favorite because it looks amazing on everyone. It is safe and effective for those who have super sensitive or oily skin and helps those who have large gaps or no brow hair. It can also be especially helpful when clients  have a large bulb of hair at the front of the brow and very little or no hair anywhere else. 

This new technique helps blend the strokes and create the illusion of a 3 dimensional brow. Vanity offer both Microblading, Microshading and Signature Brows. Microshading generally lasts longer than microblading even when done as a combination brow. 

If you want to find out for sure which procedure will be best for you, schedule a consultation online and arrange for an in person or on the phone meeting to discuss your brows. 

Not ready to commit to full time, effortless brows? We understand. Vanity carries a line of professional brow pencils and powders to help fill your brows and serums to help them grow. We offer complimentary tutorials with any cosmetic purchase. Shop online or In person. 

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